Instructions for Sending Images

Image size, format and resolution: Size your image to 1000 pixels or more on the longest side. Acceptable image formats are .jpg, .png, or .tif (RGB color mode, not CMYK). A resolution of 72 dpi is all that is necessary (images should not be greater than 300 dpi). Do not submit slide shows, Flash files, PowerPoint, etc. Do not add borders, watermarks, or text.

File size limitation: Save your images with as little compression as possible (i.e. choose the best quality) while maintaining a file size less than 1 MB (or 1000KB) for each image.

File name: File names are limited to 15 characters and cannot have spaces, punctuation marks, or non-English characters. (Do not include characters such as ?!@.'#$%^&*()_+ as part of the file name.)
Acceptable file name: MarysBlueCoat.jpg    Not acceptable: Mary's Blue.Rain Coat.jpg

Please choose one of the links below for further instructions:
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» Send images by email

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